Mark Katzman is a writer and musician. He’s the author of two artist books, INoN and Along the Way. His most recent novel, Home, was published in November, 2022. A former Music Editor of Mondo 2000, his interviews include Timothy Leary, Robyn Hitchcock, William Orbit, Stanley Kunitz,  William Bronk, and Vanessa Briscoe Hay, among others. The album Tomahawk, by BASIC (Katzman on guitars, Jere Hanney on bass, percussion, drums, keyboard) was released in early 2022, is their follow-up to  Prairie Fields. an album of experimental soundscapes released in 2015.

BOAUBowen Craig is an author and editor. He wrote his first book at age twelve. Craig has been editing since age seven (his mother was an English professor whose students were unaware that their professor’s elementary school-age son was grading their papers). He has written three novels, Keeping Away from the Joneses A Look to the Future Through the Eyes of an Eighty-Year Old Pirate and Hitchhiking with Salmon. Craig has contributed to newspapers, magazines, blogs, theatrical shows and films. If you squint you can see him in the Moon Landing video playing hopscotch with aliens.

109703122_10220522830115263_7971123478605609629_o(1)Katherine Klimt moved to Athens in 2010 to begin graduate studies at UGA. She never thought she would be here this long, but love is love. Her writing here reflects this feeling and her desire to share Athens’ beauty with the world, especially as it changes seemingly moment by moment, ever in danger of becoming someplace else. Klimt enjoyed a brief tenure as journalist in the thrill-a-minute town of Madison, GA, and has sparingly contributed to Flagpole over the years, mainly to lament the closure of her favorite bars.

31934257_10155588650021985_4458022490987298816_nAdministrative Assistant wizard, Ruth Allen Finley, was born in Memphis and hailed from Toccoa, Ga. She was a writer, editor of the NE GA Scoop on FB, which covered events in Northeast Georgia. Most recently a co-writer of a screen play. She earned an Associates Degree in Business Administration. Ruth was a proud military mom and grandmother. We will always miss your positive spirit. RIP dear Ruthie!