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FLUKE – a Wonderland of Book Arts

by Mark Katzman Upon an initial look into the filled-to-capacity 40 Watt with small tables staged tightly together and a slew of people sharing ideas and selling (or giving away or exchanging) their comics, mini-comics, artist books, graphic novels, art prints/etchings, self-published books, wonderfully weird zines and book […]

Wrestling – a Controlled Riot

by Bowen Craig I should go ahead and admit up front that, when I agreed to cover this event, I didn’t know fuck all about wrestling. BUT, after a few hours watching this pageant, this entertainment explosion, this show that caters-to-the-whims-of-the-audience better than theatre, better than music, better […]

Athens Uncharted’s Third Invitation to the World (the third addition to our surely-doomed, semi-individualized attempt to personally invite every country to check out a local Athens, Georgia art scene website) 

by Bowen Craig  Mainly because I find it fun, and because we at Athens Uncharted really do want to invite everyone to join us here to revel in the thriving local Athens art scene, I have penned a third installment to this Hollywood-laced proffer to check out our […]

Marcel Sletten: Ambient Destiny

by Mark Katzman / Cover photo: Jason Thrasher The word ambient in Latin, ambiēns, means “going around.” Encircling, enveloping, surrounding. In the musical sphere, atmospheric. Ambient music creates a feeling; a mysterious experience which unfolds uniquely for each listener. It’s a genre of electronic music that emphasizes tone […]

The Great Pumpkin Patch

by Bowen Craig America has gone a little crazy with the pumpkin spicing, but pumpkins themselves are a pretty sane vegetable. They symbolize a season. They’re heavy and funky-looking. They delight children. They’re America’s temporary Fall furniture that we get to decorate ourselves, scare a few children with, enjoy and then watch […]

Mushrooms, Family, Anxiety and Serial Murder: an Interview with Local Author, Chevy Mize

by Bowen Craig  The debut novel, Tobias,  by local author/mycologist/woodworker/entrepreneur/romantic/musical hermit, Chevy Mize, is, among other things, an exploration of the mind of the mentally-ill narrator, who may or may not be a serial killer. Reading Tobias is a multi-level experience: interior/exterior, the face one presents to the world/the face one hides, […]

Hemp on the Southern Horizon

I met with Jacob Waddell, Director of the US Hemp Building Association, outside of the WNC Ag Center in Asheville, North Carolina, on July 26, 2021. The following day he was on the Industry Hemp Panel at SAHAE (Southern Atlantic Hemp & Arts Expo). The Southern Atlantic Hemp […]

Nelson Wells – The Art of Indie Music PR

Team Clermont has been a unique company promoting music artists both locally and nationally for over 20 years. They are a small, dedicated team who focuses on up-and-coming musicians as well as established music artists. Co-Founder Nelson Wells, father to twin daughters, is keenly aware of the ever-evolving […]

Animal Realist: Christina Tornambe

Christina Tornambe  is a painter of animals, a pet portraitist, a capturer of the peaceful side of the natural world. When I entered her home to interview her and check out her studio, I expected to be mobbed by twenty dogs, five cats, maybe a stray aardvark or […]

Beauty Everyday: Rebecca Wood

Creative Rebellion, a new, ongoing series from AU field correspondent, artist Veronica Darby, kicks off with a visit to the studio of Athen’s ceramic artist, Rebecca Wood. Rebecca Wood Studio “Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is mans original virtue. It is through disobedience […]

Circular Tangents: The Work of Tex Crawford

Tex Crawford’s work on display at the Athens-Clarke County Library’s Quiet Gallery: On Loan From the Universe: The Maverick Art of Tex Crawford at The Quiet Gallery, Athens-Clarke County Library, Feb. 6 – March 24th, 2019. by Bowen Craig “Everything in here had a life before…I digress in a […]