Hello! My name is Will Eskridge and I am an animal artist, working and living in Athens, GA. My father is a veterinarian and my mother is an artist, so it stands to reason I have a strong passion for both animals and art. I’ve been tossing around ideas of interacting with the community in a way that combines local businesses, technology, wildlife and art. Be sure to check the resources page for some of my favorite links.

ATHVENTURE! is a scavenger hunt of sorts combining education, modern technology and nature. I’ve tried to make this a fun, interactive experience, utilizing this wonderful town of Athens and the technology of the Internet to learn about the natural wildlife of the area and spend time with some of Athens’ finest establishments. Sponsors have graciously donated some amazing prizes for the finalists of Athventure. Check the Prize Page to see what you could win!

All over the Athens area there are secretly placed “Clue-R” codes for you to scan with your smartphone to retrieve clues.

1ST THING TO DO: Download a QR Code reader app for your smartphone. The “Clue-R” codes are custom QR codes that you can scan with your smartphone or tablet to reveal website pages featuring the clues. The clues are questions that you will have to answer in order to reveal the location of the next “Clue-R” code. If you do not have a QR code reader app on your smartphone, just do a quick search in the Apple store  or Google play for “QR reader” – there are plenty of free ones to download.

“Clue-R” codes will look similar to this one:

Start QR

2nd THING TO DO: Download and print out the crossword puzzle scorecard below. The goal is to complete the crossword puzzle. You will fill in your answers to the clues on this crossword puzzle. Once completed you will use this as proof that you have successfully completed the hunt and can retrieve your prize(s). Yay!

3rd THING TO DO: Have fun! Let’s get you started:  Click here for your first clue! (Please note: Only visit the venues in this hunt during their normal operating hours!)