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Kat of Typographies

The Redeption of Boredom (halting of faltering behavior) I should call this something alliterative and dopey, like “Pandemic Ponderings.” “Lugubrious in Lock-down,” “An Agoraphobic Apocalypse,” “Qualities of a Quagmire in Quarantine,” or some play on an old song like that joke hasn’t been made a million times before. […]

Kat of Typographies

Home by Accident The first thing I remember about Athens was the color. Having newly arrived from the bleached-out West, where the sun throbs pulsating white like a wound in the endless shimmering cobalt bomb of the sky, where only the vague outlines of volcanoes limn the horizon […]

Beauty Everyday: Rebecca Wood

Creative Rebellion, a new, ongoing series from AU field correspondent, artist Veronica Darby, kicks off with a visit to the studio of Athen’s ceramic artist, Rebecca Wood. Rebecca Wood Studio “Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is mans original virtue. It is through disobedience […]

Portraits – Cameron Bliss

AU spoke with artist Cameron Bliss, 47, at the studio she shares with her husband – musician and Winterville, Georgia Mayor Dodd Ferrelle  – bursting with instruments, recording equipment, paintings, along with her trusty dog Buoy. A lone easel displayed a work in progress. There was an extra-large […]

The Yo-Yo Effect

Athens is a yo-yo town. It’s not home to a particularly large amount of yo-yo toys. It wasn’t the birthplace of early 90’s rap phrases. It’s a yo-yo town in a geographical sense. People live here for a while. They leave. They come back. They leave again. They […]

One More Chance: Harold Rittenberry

  Harold Rittenberry, 83, has a unique approach to showing his work. “I don’t like to fool around with galleries,” he says. He just places them in his front yard. The Rittenberry Spirit Sculpture Yard is open 24/7, come rain or shine. So if you’re in Athens do stop over to the […]

State of Mynd

Hasn’t everything been done to death? Evidently not. This is my 4th foray into the literary/art world as an editor. In the mid-1970s/80s it was Polis (Boston, Provincetown) made with ye olde paper, a few hundred copies for each issue, with fiction, poetry, essays, art. My stint as Music […]