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Kat of Typographies

The Redeption of Boredom (halting of faltering behavior) I should call this something alliterative and dopey, like “Pandemic Ponderings.” “Lugubrious in Lock-down,” “An Agoraphobic Apocalypse,” “Qualities of a Quagmire in Quarantine,” or some play on an old song like that joke hasn’t been made a million times before. […]

Adria Stembridge – Tears for the Dying

I spoke with Adria Stembridge at the Tate Center at UGA on February 26, 2021. Being masked and distanced proved to be somewhat challenging as there were students scattered here and there, mostly masked. We found a good spot upstairs where it was nearly vacant and spoke for […]

Kat of Typographies

Degenerate Verse I have spent a lot of my adult life in bars. This is largely because I am an alcoholic, but also because I am a lonely masochist with an obsessive need to observe other human beings. I love, perversely, sitting by myself, eavesdropping on the conversations […]

Kat of Typographies

Home by Accident The first thing I remember about Athens was the color. Having newly arrived from the bleached-out West, where the sun throbs pulsating white like a wound in the endless shimmering cobalt bomb of the sky, where only the vague outlines of volcanoes limn the horizon […]

Kat of Typographies

Concrete Temples I have a certain rule for myself to stave off sentimental aches and obsessive melancholy. I am prone to these turns all year round, but they become acutely annoying  in the winter months. It’s mainly the cold weather. I don’t like cold, the sharp stinging snap […]

Nelson Wells – The Art of Indie Music PR

Team Clermont has been a unique company promoting music artists both locally and nationally for over 20 years. They are a small, dedicated team who focuses on up-and-coming musicians as well as established music artists. Co-Founder Nelson Wells, father to twin daughters, is keenly aware of the ever-evolving […]

Animal Realist: Christina Tornambe

Christina Tornambe  is a painter of animals, a pet portraitist, a capturer of the peaceful side of the natural world. When I entered her home to interview her and check out her studio, I expected to be mobbed by twenty dogs, five cats, maybe a stray aardvark or […]

Beauty Everyday: Rebecca Wood

Creative Rebellion, a new, ongoing series from AU field correspondent, artist Veronica Darby, kicks off with a visit to the studio of Athen’s ceramic artist, Rebecca Wood. Rebecca Wood Studio “Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is mans original virtue. It is through disobedience […]

Circular Tangents: The Work of Tex Crawford

Tex Crawford’s workon display at the Athens-Clarke County Library’s Quiet Gallery: On Loan From the Universe: The Maverick Art of Tex Crawford at The Quiet Gallery, Athens-Clarke County Library, Feb. 6 – March 24th, 2019. “Everything in here had a life before…I digress in a circle,” says Tex Crawford. […]

Stage Life with Antonio Mántica

“I’m a big believer in treating the audience like another actor, hopping off the edge of the stage, interacting with them.” Antonio Mántica Tell me about your awesome last name? Your family? My family name originated from Northern Italy. I definitely wouldn’t be very theatrical without my family. I have […]

The (real) Wedding Singer

“I just love performing.  I’d play polka music if that’s what it took to entertain 300 drunk Germans.” – Dan Roth He doesn’t ONLY perform for drunk Germans, but Dan Roth is talented, willing and extremely able to perform pretty much any music, for pretty much any group […]