Script – Setting Solstice

by Cheryl Ruebner

SCENE I, Birth
Woman wakes up on rock in the middle of the river. Her eyes are closed (she is blind), and she makes her way by feel to the bank, and climbs up. She continues to walk by feeling her way.

SCENE II, The Healing Session
She continues to walk through the woods until she comes upon the sound of a Crystal Healing Bowl, the sound of which causes her eyes to open.

She approaches the woman playing the crystal healing bowl, standing beside her and moving slowly into a statuesque goddess posture. When the bowl stops singing, the second woman gets up and leads the river lady off of the waterfall and to the dry land, where they have a slow, wispy dance together, commencing in the crystal lady using a gesture to show the river lady the expanse of the forest. They walk hand in hand to a big rock, where the crystal lady climbs on top and the two women part hands.

SCENE III, Sufi on Fire
River Woman is located in a circle clearing in the forest. She is dancing, and a young fairy child approaches her from within the trees. The child is apprehensive, and approaches slowly, and places some peacock feathers on the ground at the entryway to the circle as an offering. The River Woman notices the child and beckons her in with a smile. They begin laughing and dancing, swinging each other around and moving in a circular fashion. There is a fire burning on the side, and the two retrieve hula hoops – River Woman a fire hoop, and the girl, a basic hoop. They perform a spiral dance in a Sufi fashion.

SCENE III.2, The Imparting of Trust
The two move to sit next to the fire, where they share a bonding experience. Touching each others’ hair and hugging, they have adopted each other as family, and rest together.

SCENE IV, The Great Loss
River Woman wakes up after an apparent nap, and the child has gone. She notices the girl is missing, and a panicked search ensues. River Woman runs in dashing directions, seeking and looking for any sign of the girl, but she is nowhere to be found. After a time of running on high alert, she ceases her search and proceeds to ritualize her loss. She mourns at a tree, praying and accepting her experience.

SCENE V, The Transcendence
River Woman makes her way to a tree next to the river she woke up on. The tree has a human-sized hole in it, and the River Woman crawls into the hole and resigns herself, closing her eyes.

Pan the landscape, and the sun sets and streams through the trees.

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