Unknown Region

by Bowen Craig

We had two log-ons to Athens Uncharted from, and I quote an “Unknown Region.”  Normally, the website hosting company gives us lists of where people visit the site (not the names, not the Social Security numbers, but the geography).  That’s why I keep writing those “Hey, people from X country, check out the site: articles.  Much like Sherwin WIlliams, we want to cover the world…but not in paint…because that’s crazy…and would drown puppies…and make the world colorful, but poisoned.  Unlike that crazy paint outfit, we just want people to check out the site and learn about the thriving Athens art scene.  But we can’t invite them unless we know where they live.  We can’t just invite stray Unknown Regionistas to join us, because we don’t know anything about them, they’re unknown.

Where in the world could the Unknown Regioners be?  What region of the planet is unknown anymore?  Are they logging on from the depths of the Mariannas Trench?  Are they logging on from the third moon of Jupiter?  Didn’t Rand McNally map out everything pretty well a while back?  And didn’t Google strip us of the last remnants of our privacy even more recently?  

So, I invite thee, Unknown Regionese, to not only log on and check out the ever-blossoming regional Athens art scene, but tell us where your “unknown” region is.  

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