Tag: Athens Georgia

FLUKE – a Wonderland of Book Arts

by Mark Katzman Upon an initial look into the filled-to-capacity 40 Watt with small tables staged tightly together and a slew of people sharing ideas and selling (or giving away or exchanging) their comics, mini-comics, artist books, graphic novels, art prints/etchings, self-published books, wonderfully weird zines and book […]

Wrestling – a Controlled Riot

by Bowen Craig I should go ahead and admit up front that, when I agreed to cover this event, I didn’t know fuck all about wrestling. BUT, after a few hours watching this pageant, this entertainment explosion, this show that caters-to-the-whims-of-the-audience better than theatre, better than music, better […]

The Great Pumpkin Patch

by Bowen Craig America has gone a little crazy with the pumpkin spicing, but pumpkins themselves are a pretty sane vegetable. They symbolize a season. They’re heavy and funky-looking. They delight children. They’re America’s temporary Fall furniture that we get to decorate ourselves, scare a few children with, enjoy and then watch […]