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Script – Setting Solstice

SETTING SOLSTICE by Cheryl Ruebner SCENE I, Birth Woman wakes up on rock in the middle of the river. Her eyes are closed (she is blind), and she makes her way by feel to the bank, and climbs up. She continues to walk by feeling her way. SCENE […]

The Yo-Yo Effect

Athens is a yo-yo town. It’s not home to a particularly large amount of yo-yo toys. It wasn’t the birthplace of early 90’s rap phrases. It’s a yo-yo town in a geographical sense. People live here for a while. They leave. They come back. They leave again. They […]

Fire Goddess – an interview with Ember Fox

Ember Fox (aka Cheryl Reubner), 30, is a poet, fire-flow/performance artist, entertainer, provocateur, gypsy, self-described “ham.” Her journey led her to Athens, which is not uncommon for artist-spiritual questers who meet up on the secret art nodes. Since her time here, she’s moved on to Chicago, where she […]

One More Chance: Harold Rittenberry

  Harold Rittenberry, 83, has a unique approach to showing his work. “I don’t like to fool around with galleries,” he says. He just places them in his front yard. The Rittenberry Spirit Sculpture Yard is open 24/7, come rain or shine. So if you’re in Athens do stop over to the […]

State of Mynd

Hasn’t everything been done to death? Evidently not. This is my 4th foray into the literary/art world as an editor. In the mid-1970s/80s it was Polis (Boston, Provincetown) made with ye olde paper, a few hundred copies for each issue, with fiction, poetry, essays, art. My stint as Music […]